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Guide To Successful Stock Picking

Over the years, I have been asked hundreds of times by Investors Chronicle readers how I go about uncovering the dozens of undervalued small-cap companies that find their way into my weekly column and my annual Bargain Shares portfolios. I am more fortunate than most as I had a headstart in the finance world a quarter of a century ago when I was taught how to rip through a set of company accounts. But being able to analyse a company’s accounts is one thing; being able to decide whether shares in a company are a good investment is a different matter entirely.

So to improve the chances of screening out the best investment opportunities for loyal readers of Investors Chronicle, I go through a methodical process on every single company I research in order to have the best possible chance of making a profitable trade. This involves considering10 key areas before deciding whether the risk:reward favours making an investment.

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